SUNMASTER FINISH grow lamps for the final stage of the growth cycle

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Sunmaster Launches LED Square Root

FEATURED PRODUCT Sunmaster Launches LED: Square Root (SQRT670CX1) Leveraging years of LED development and expertise from its parent company, Venture Lighting, Sunmaster is pleased to announce the launch of its Square Root 670W fixture. Designed for harsh environments the Square Root has been designed from the ground up, incorporating best-in-class […]

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Considerations when Considering LED

LIGHT SCIENCE Considerations when Considering LED Compared to HID, fluorescent and other light source technologies, LED fixtures are relatively easy to build. Source some reputable LED chips and an electronic driver, provide proper heat-syncing, and one can produce an operational LED light source as easily as building an electric crane […]

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Sunmaster’s parent company, Venture Lighting, is assembling LED fixtures in the U.S.A

Did You Know? Venture Lighting is assembling LED fixtures in the U.S.A Did you know Sunmaster’s parent company, Venture Lighting, is assembling LED fixtures in the U.S.A? Earlier this year, Venture Lighting started assembling LED luminaires in the U.S.A. Currently, Venture Lighting is assembling five different LED product families: Modern […]

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Licensing Delays Cost Time, Money

INDUSTRY BUZZ Delays Impact Marijuana Industry Licensing delays across the U.S. continue to financially impact the marijuana industry, from lost revenue to the entrepreneurial growers to missed tax dollars at the state level. Recent notes for several states, related to these license delays include: Alaska: Applicants for cannabis business licenses […]

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Thanks for Entering the Contest

Thanks for the Feed-Back You’ve been entered into a Sunmaster contest (raffle) for a chance to win one of the following: SUNMASTER 315W FULL NOVA wx (10 winners) MSRP $104.95 Industry leading output (575 mmol) Tailored spectrum, enhanced red/far-red output For more information, click here! Check out the YouTube video […]

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Sunmaster is launching fixtures

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that Sunmaster is launching fixtures next quarter? Quoting Aristotle “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Sunmaster is leveraging its lamp development and manufacturing expertise along with the capabilities of its sister companies to launch its own line of HID and […]

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SUPER HPS HO Outshines the Competition

SUNMASTER SUPER HO Outshines the Competition While the SUNMASTER design team’s primary objective was to increase the total output (µmol) of its new 1000W single-end lamp, it was able to tailor the spectral profile to deliver more balanced, nutritional light. Boasting 2,200 µmol of output (360nm to 800nm), this industry-leading […]

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Red to Far-Red Benefits

LIGHTING SCIENCE Red to Far-Red Benefits from CMH Lamps Back in January, we posted an article about plant response to far-red output. As stated, in the absence of far red radiation, such as when plants are raised under sole-source lighting (e.g. indoor growth chambers), leaves can be under-developed. Therefore, adding […]

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