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Sunmaster Grow Lamps

Optimized spectral output is critical in meeting the needs of various plant growth phases. SUNMASTER provides the most comprehensive line of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries.SUNMASTER Grow Lamps

Over 30 years of proven plant growth lighting innovation has made SUNMASTER, a division of Venture Lighting International, a trusted global leader in horticultural lighting science. SUNMASTER lamps are designed with tailored spectral output for specific plant growth needs with special dosing technology developed by Venture Lighting’s sister company APL, the world’s leading supplier of metal halide salts and HPS amalgams, to produce more PAR watts, the total light energy available for photosynthesis, than other HID sources.
with these products available from SUNMASTER:

Sunmaster FINISH finishing grow lamps for that final stage of the growth cycle spectral distribution

FULL NOVA Full Spectrum Lamps
• Full Spectrum
• Supports veg through flower

Sunmaster COOL vegetative grow lamps

COOL Vegetative Grow Lamps
• Stronger blue component for maximum vegetative growth
• Encourages increased number of internodes while maintaining compact plant
• High PAR values, weighted in key blue/violet areas of the spectrum
• Produces higher chlorophyll level for greener, healthier plants
• Promotes large leaf area / mass, and thicker primary stems

SUPER Vegetative Grow Lamps
• Delivers high fruit weight
• Produces higher yields
• High performance flowering

FINISH Finishing Grow Lamps
• Higher UV content for the final stage (7-14 days) in the growth cycle
• Improves aroma and flavors

SUNMASTER Cool Deluxe, Super HPS Deluxe, Warm Deluxe, Neutral Deluxe, Finishing Blue, Blue Ice, Yellow Blossom, Red Sunrise, Green HarvestSpectral Solutions. SUNMASTER lamps are chemically tailored to promote optimum development for various plants and growth stages.

SUNMASTER lamp family descriptions have changed.  Cross reference your favorite lamps using the following table.