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Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Full Nova Family

Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Full Nova Family FULL NOVA can be generally described as ‘Broad spectrum lamps similar to natural sunlight. HPS light sources, historically dominant in the horticultural industry, are extremely deficient in the blue/violet end of the spectrum and have an inordinate amount of yellow/orange/red output. Conversely, Sunmaster’s FULL […]

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Featured Product: 1000W Full Nova Double Ended

NEW – SUNMASTER’S DOUBLE ENDED 1000W FULL NOVA Sunmaster is excited to announce the launch of its 1000W FULL NOVA double-ended lamp. The bulb boasts the industry’s most balanced, full spectrum in a double-ended configuration while delivering 1,500 mmol of total energy. Available in December, the DE 1000W FULL NOVA […]

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