Thanks for Entering the Contest

Thanks for the Feed-Back

You’ve been entered into a Sunmaster contest (raffle) for a chance to win one of the following:

SUNMASTER 670W SQUARE ROOT (1 lucky winner)
MSRP $1,349
1,550 mmol, tailored to support indoor grows
For more information, click here!

SUNMASTER 315W FULL NOVA wx (10 winners)
MSRP $104.95
Industry leading output (575 mmol)
Tailored spectrum, enhanced red/far-red output
For more information, click here!
Check out the YouTube video about the 315W Full Nova wx!

SUNMASTER DE 1000W SUPER HO and FULL NOVA (Win 5 of each)
MSRP $119.95
SUPER HO: High output (2,100 mmol) with industry leading balanced spectru
FULL NOVA: Balanced, nutritional spectrum (emulating sunlight)
For more information about SUPER HO, click here!  For more information about FULL NOVA, click here!


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