Sunmaster is launching fixtures


Did you know that Sunmaster is launching fixtures next quarter?

Quoting Aristotle “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Sunmaster is leveraging its lamp development and manufacturing expertise along with the capabilities of its sister companies to launch its own line of HID and LED fixtures. Scheduled for Q3 launch, these lighting systems will have tangible featured/benefits which are sure to have a positive impact on commercial growers and hobbyists alike. Several fixtures planned for September and October availability include:

  • 315W vertical fixture powered by Sunmaster’s successful 315W FULL NOVA lamp
  • 1000W double-end fixture powered by Sunmaster’s new DE 1000W SUPER HO and FULL NOVA lamps
  • 670W ‘Square Root’ LED fixture delivering 1,550 µmol of directional light

All fixtures include control connectivity.

Stay tuned at SunmasterGrowLamps.com for more details or send us a request for more information at SunmasterGrowLamps.com/Contact

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