Sunmaster Grow Lamps and Hydroponic Lighting, from a Leader in Horticultural HID Light Bulb technology

SUNMASTER Lamp manufacturingSUNMASTER, a division of Venture Lighting International, is a trusted global leader in horticultural lighting science with over 25 years of proven plant growth lighting innovation. Grow lamps by SUNMASTER are designed with a focus toward tailored spectral output for specific plant growth needs. Leveraging the many strengths of it’s parent and sister companies, SUNMASTER provides:

World-class Engineering

SUNMASTER is supported by numerous design physicists, manufacturing engineers and optic specialists throughout the US, Asia and Western Europe. From thin film optical coatings in Germany to lamp design in Ohio, SUNMASTER’s engineering group works in harmony to develop cutting edge products.

Key ingredients

Sunmaster Chemicals in each lamp, the key ingredient in any successful grow lightWhile most discharge lamps may look similar, the smallest lamp components make a big difference and set SUNMASTER apart. SUNMASTER’s sister company, APL, located in IL, develops and produces a majority of the world’s salts used to tailor spectrum within discharge lamps. Venture Lighting’s key partner produces precisely engineered electrodes and other metal components within each lamp. Special formed body quartz, designed in Ohio, improves lamp efficiency and extends life.


SUNMASTER Grow Lamp ManufacturingSUNMASTER lamps are created using ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing processes. Venture Lighting is the world’s largest producer of metal halide lamps, providing company ownership of designs and processes while assuring high quality standards and market competitiveness. SUNMASTER also employs key manufacturing partnerships throughout the world.

Exceptional Service

For over 25 years, SUNMASTER has provided top quality products with great customer service. Our sales and customer support locations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia are dedicated to serving the hydroponic and horticultural industry.