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The Science of SUNMASTER

SUNMASTER Grow Lamps, Tailored spectrum are for plant growth, specific growth stages, using HPS, Metal Halide, CMH, High Pressure Sodium technology, Spectral families, Cool, Full Nova, Finish, Super HPS, Super CMH, horticultural lighting, hydroponic lights, Light and Plants, Watts, Lumens, Photons and Lux  – This is all part of the Science of SUNMASTER.

As the importance of artificial light in the plant growing industry has increased, lamp manufacturers have begun to rate lamps specifically for plant needs. This article discusses and compares the different measures of “light level” that are currently used for plant growth and hydroponic applications. Light level is one of the important variables for optimizing plant growth, others being light quality, water, carbon dioxide, nutrients and environmental factors. The appendix describes a step-by-step approach to developing a simple lighting layout using the PAR watt ratings of light sources.
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