July 2017 DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that Sunmaster is global, with thousands of lamps currently operating throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the US? ‘Sunmaster’ is the most recognized brand in Europe (Maximum Yield) and is supported globally by numerous design physicists, manufacturing engineers and optic specialists. Sunmaster and […]

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Surviving ‘the Amazon’: Beyond Commodity Sales

INDUSTRY BUZZ July 2017 Surviving ‘the Amazon’: Beyond Commodity Sales Amazon’s North American sales increased 25.2% in 2016 and industry analysts expect this robust growth to continue in the years to come. As numerous brick and mortar chains are downsizing as a result of this shifting retail model, there are […]

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Featured Product: 315W CMH Full Nova

315W FULL NOVA Sunmaster is excited to launch 315W FULL NOVA 3.8K (Product #80440). Spectrally engineered by Sunmaster’s chemical company, this ceramic metal halide boasts 8% more blue and 18% more red spectral energy compared to major brands. These lamps Please note that, due to high demand, this item is […]

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Lighting Science: What are µmol (Micro-Mols)? and how are they measured?

What are µmol (Micro-Mols)? Micromole Facts:     Micromoles (µMol), simply defined as ‘number of photons’ are a unit of measurement used for horticultural lighting. Typically, µMol are used as a way to quantify light output (µMol of photons per second) and light intensity (µMol of photons per area per second, […]

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Check out the all new Full Nova 315W CMH grow lamp

Well, the wave of new products has begun – check out our new ceramic metal halide (CMH) full spectrum grow lamp: 315W Full Nova This is our first SUNMASTER ceramic lamp and we’re excited to be bringing out a lamp that will blow away the competition – just compare the […]

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All new SUNMASTER website

Here, in early 2017, Sunmaster grow lamps have a new look, new website, and new packaging. We’re launching a new website and the names of the family products are slightly different. Let’s be clear – it’s simple. Full Nova for a full spectrum grow lamp, Cool for that Cool Deluxe […]

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