SUPER HPS HO Outshines the Competition

SUNMASTER SUPER HO Outshines the Competition

While the SUNMASTER design team’s primary objective was to increase the total output (µmol) of its new 1000W single-end lamp, it was able to tailor the spectral profile to deliver more balanced, nutritional light. Boasting 2,200 µmol of output (360nm to 800nm), this industry-leading lamp also produces an amazing 46% higher amount of red through far-red energy. Overall, the proprietary design accelerates flowering while encouraging tight internode spacing.

Quantitative Data

(Photometry) – compared to leading brand
38% broader spectrum
12% more µmol (400-700nm) PAR Region
14% more µmol (360-800nm) Near UV through Far Red
46% more Red to Far Red (620-800nm)

Empirical Data

(Real Life) – compared to leading brand
20% more peak flowers
5% more compact (tighter internode spacing)

For more information,

visit SunmasterGrowLamps.com/SUPER. Or check out Sunmaster’s YouTube videos at https://youtu.be/-w_ZaydvIQ0 and https://youtu.be/-Z6v7j_BhHo. Clearly, the FEATURED PRODUCT Scoop 2018 SUNMASTER SUPER HPS HO Outshines the Competition

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