FEATURED PRODUCT May 2018 SUNMASTER’s Double-Ended Tandem

FEATURED PRODUCT May 2018 SUNMASTER’s Double-Ended Tandem

FEATURED PRODUCT May 2018 SUNMASTER’s Double-Ended Tandem

SUNMASTER is extremely excited about the recent launch of its new 1000-watt double-ended lamp tandem: SUPER HPS HO and FULL NOVA. These newly designed lamps boast industry-leading performing for veg and flower cycles, backed by SUNMASTER’s reputation for quality and product differentiation.

1000W SUPER HPS HO (#80010)

Redesigned from the ground up, this high-output double-end HPS lamp is the market’s fullest spectrum HPS, delivering an abundance of energy between 400 and 700nm. Within this broad spectrum, key areas of red to far-red energy have been enhanced to trigger early and more flowering. Compared to leading HPS brands:

Enhanced spectrum: 30% better representation of all colors of the spectrum
More red far-red: 1,100 µmol/sec (620-800nm) – for early and more flowers
High output: 2,200 µmol total output

1000W FULL NOVA (#41985)

Piggybacking off of the rapid adoption of SUNMASTER’s FULL NOVA family for vegetative or full-cycle growth, SUNMASTER expects its new double-end 1000-watt FULL NOVA to be an immediate hit. Compared to industry DE 1000W VEG brands:

Full spectrum: 28% fuller spectrum for healthy vegetative growth
More blue/violet: 40% higher output (380-495nm) to promote thick, broad leaves
High output: 27% more total µmol

Sunmaster consistently strives to lead the industry in lamp development by focusing on three core goals:
1. Assure highest total µmol/W (light output per energy consumed)
2. Optimize µmol output within key nutritional wavelengths (example – red, blue and far-red)
3. Back empirical (integrated sphere measurements) with side-by-side testing, internally within Sunmaster’s grow chambers and externally through industry partners

Sunmaster lamps are available through key partner distributors. For more information, visit SunmasterGrowLamps.com/SUPER and SunmasterGrowLamps.com/FULL-NOVA

SUPER HO (80010)
FULL NOVA (41985)


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