Did you know March 2018 Sunmaster continues to engineer HID

Did you know that Sunmaster continues to support and engineer new HID lamps/systems?

Founded in 1983, SUNMASTER’s parent company was solely focused on the development and marketing of HID lamps and systems. With today’s lighting industry rapidly migrating to LED, SUNMASTER continues to receive strong support from its network of HID engineering resources:

  • HID lamp engineering – Ohio, USA
  • HID lamp engineering – Venture Lighting India – Chennai, India
  • Metal halide salt development and manufacturing – Illinois, USA
  • HID lamp/ballast technicians – Hertfordshire, England
  • HID ballast engineering – Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Electronic technicians – Ohio, USA

While SUNMASTER develops industry-leading LED solutions, the company believes in and continues to advance HID systems in support of plant growth lighting applications.


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