Month: February 2018

February 2018 Scoop Newsletter

Here’s the latest email Newsletter from Sunmaster, The Scoop! February 2018 edition: http://conta.cc/2GDK5SF

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Did you know February 2018 Sunmaster is investing in LED fixture development

Did you know that Sunmaster is investing in LED fixture development? Sunmaster’s sister companies, based in southern India, are working hard to develop and produce LED fixtures specifically designed for plant growth. Development efforts are focusing on ‘great performance at an affordable cost’. While HID systems including HPS and Ceramic […]

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Featured Product 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceeds Expectations Controlled Testing

NEW 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceeds Expectations The quote ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’ holds very true when explaining the performance of SUNMASTER’s new FULL NOVA WX. Driven by 18 months of development, scores of lamp chemistry iterations and thousands of hours of life testing, SUNMASTER is […]

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LIGHT SCIENCE February 2018 Ultraviolet UV radiation Artificial Light Sources biological photochemical reactions

Ultraviolet Radiation – Artificial Light Sources Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has long been known to be quite important in biological photochemical reactions. Anthocyanin and other flavinoid pigments absorb blue and UV light to protect chlorophyll from photo-destruction. UV-A, or near UV, is comprised of energy between 315 nm and 400 nm […]

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Industry Buzz February 2018 Marijuana Legalization Fuels Black Market

Marijuana Legalization Fuels Black Market Today Today approximately 70.5 million Americans, or only 22% of the US population, live in one of ten states where recreational marijuana is legal. These states are dispersed throughout the US with the majority having neighboring states where recreational marijuana remains illegal. For example, in […]

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