Featured Product: 1000W Full Nova


While photometric data is a good indicator for lamp performance, real -life testing is the best method to obtain undisputed, quantifiable performance. Compared side-by-side to industry-leading HPS lamps within Sunmaster’s Plant Science Labs, results are extremely positive for the FULL NOVA family. Two varieties of tomatoes (Dragon’s Eye, Green Tiger), grown under the 1000W FULL NOVA displayed:

  • More flowers: 30% to 40% more within first 3 weeks
  • Compact plants: 9% less vertical growth/stretching
  • Better Overall Health: Thicker foliage and larger leaf area. (Up to 19% more biomass)

Sunmaster FULL NOVA lamps have been chemically engineered to deliver midday light, producing proportioned amounts of red, blue, far red and other wavelengths of energy, near identical to that of sunlight. Sunmaster FULL NOVA lamps have a color (CRI) rendering of 90, meaning that all colors are fairly equally delivered. In comparison, most HPS horticultural lights have a color rendering of 35 to 40 as they are very deficient in blue and violet.

FULL NOVA lamps are increasingly being used by professional growers and home hobbyists across the US. For more information about FULL NOVA, please go to Sunmastergrowlamps.com/full-nova

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