Featured Product: 1000W Super HO

New! 1000 Watt SUPER HPS HO (High Output)

Sunmaster is excited to launch
its single-ended 1000W SUPER HO (Product #50594)

Engineered to deliver the highest µ-mol (micro-mol) of any single-ended lamp on the market today, this lamp produces 20% more useable photons when compared side-by side with top industry brands. The lamp chemistry is geared to support aggressive flowering, having 47% more red energy (620-750nm). Early field tests are producing very promising feedback . . . . “We recognized 9% higher yields in a controlled test, comparing this lamp to (leading brand). We will convert 100% of our 1000W systems over to Sunmaster Super HO” – commercial grower, MI.

Product is expected to be available in October.

• Single Ended High Pressure Sodium grow lamp

• Designed for promoting flowering in plants

• Highest micro-mol (µmol) of any single-ended lamp

• 20% more useable photons

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