Featured Product: 315W CMH Full Nova


Sunmaster is excited to launch 315W FULL NOVA 3.8K (Product #80440).

315W Full Nova 3.8K CMH Full Spectrum Lamp

Spectrally engineered by Sunmaster’s chemical company, this ceramic metal halide boasts 8% more blue and 18% more red spectral energy compared to major brands. These lamps Please note that, due to high demand, this item is currently backordered through July. Sunmaster is making efforts to expedite product availability. For more information, visit sunmastergrowlamps.com/full-nova

One thought on “Featured Product: 315W CMH Full Nova”

  1. Hello Sunmaster, I see you have to Lamps in this line of Full Nova the 315 w CMH. Do you need both bulbs to Ron Cannabis? The 3000 ? And the 4200 ? Or does just the one Bulb start and finish the plants. I scene you had two different bulbs and one had the higher output. Just wondering if you need both
    Bulbs to grow and then Flower like the old HID had the MH and the HPS thank you for your time, Ron.

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