All new SUNMASTER website

Here, in early 2017, Sunmaster grow lamps have a new look, new website, and new packaging. We’re launching a new website and the names of the family products are slightly different.

Let’s be clear – it’s simple. Full Nova for a full spectrum grow lamp, Cool for that Cool Deluxe (formerly Blue Ice) color and vegetative growth for plants, Super for that Yellow Blossom/ Super HPS Deluxe light bulb that plants love for flowering, and Finish with is that very UV violet range that helps the final growth stage in a plant.

New look, same great quality and a new year to spread the word that SUNMASTER grow lamps are still the leader in plant lighting technology.

One thought on “All new SUNMASTER website”

  1. Good morning,,,,what happen whit the RED SUNRISE 3200K?
    In the FULL NOVA I see a big long wave on a green spectrum,,there is a utility for that ? or maybe it’s impossible to have all without it,,,when lite ,,do we see these green spectrum ??
    i see a hortilux 6000 K whit a spectrum like this and i see the green over the other color,,all are green ,,
    many thank Alain

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