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LED Grow Lights

Sunmaster LED Grow Lights Backed by years of horticultural lighting design and development, Sunmaster LED grow lights lead the industry in innovation, design and manufacturing expertise. Sunmaster is further supported by its parent company, Venture Lighting and its global leadership position related to LED systems. Visit SUNMASTER’S SQUARE ROOT 670W […]

Grow Lamps

Sunmaster Grow Lamps Optimized spectral output is critical in meeting the needs of various plant growth phases. SUNMASTER provides the most comprehensive line of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. Over 30 years of proven plant growth lighting innovation has made SUNMASTER, a division of Venture […]


SUNMASTER, a division of Venture Lighting International, is a trusted global leader in horticultural lighting science with over 25 years of proven plant growth lighting innovation. Grow lamps by SUNMASTER are designed with a focus toward tailored spectral output for specific plant growth needs. Leveraging the many strengths of it’s […]

Where to Buy

Where to Buy SUNMASTER grow lamps and products Maximize your yield with SUNMASTER Grow Lamps! Find great service and support by contacting or visiting one of certified horticultural retailers within our ever-growing list. Your local retailer can direct you toward the best lighting solution for your new or existing fixtures.  […]


SUNMASTER growlamps and fixtures were developed by Venture Lighting International to provide optimized lighting solutions for a variety of plant growth applications. Venture Lighting is the leader in metal halide technology, because they developed more than 80% of the metal halide lamp types in use today. Therefore, as the leader, […]

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Latest SUNMASTER Videos Watch latest SUNMASTER video is about the Full Nova wx 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Full Spectrum grow lamp For the reason that this is just the beginning of things to come from SUNMASTER, check back. Also you can catch us on YouTube as well. Check out and […]



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SUNMASTER Grow Lamps with Tailored Spectrum for the Indoor Hydroponic and Horticultural Industry! Developed by distinguished physicists and leading agricultural researchers, the SUNMASTER line uses the versatility and flexibility of metal halide technology. Because, by blending specific halides in the arc tubes, we create lamps which offer significantly more usable […]

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