LED Grow Lights

Sunmaster’s LED Grow Lights

Backed by years of horticultural lighting design and development, Sunmaster LED grow lights lead the industry in innovation, design and manufacturing expertise. Sunmaster is further supported by its parent company, Venture Lighting therefore its global leadership position related to LED systems.

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SUNMASTER LED grow lights are supported by a number of core company and product attributes:

Robust Design
Significantly reduces failure modes • Meets ETL, UL requirements
Robust Design
Prevents dust and water intrusion • Reduces time to assemble and move
Robust Design
Backed by years of Sunmaster support • Exceeds HID performance up to 10X
Quality Components
High reliability, long life • Precisely selected based on efficacy and wavelength
Quality Components
Supports critical thermal environment for long-term LED operation
Optimized Spectrum by Application
100% artificial light vs supplemental light
Sunmaster Expertise
Years of LED experience and support • Inside customer support • One-call service via 855-562-1008
Optimized Spectrum by Application
Vegetative verses flower verses full cycle

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Sunmaster has provided best-in-class lighting products throughout North America, Europe and Australia for over 20 years.