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Surviving ‘the Amazon’: Beyond Commodity Sales

INDUSTRY BUZZ July 2017 Surviving ‘the Amazon’: Beyond Commodity Sales Amazon’s North American sales increased 25.2% in 2016 and industry analysts expect this robust growth to continue in the years to come. As numerous brick and mortar chains are downsizing as a result of this shifting retail model, there are […]

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Featured Product: 315W CMH Full Nova

315W FULL NOVA Sunmaster is excited to launch 315W FULL NOVA 3.8K (Product #80440). Spectrally engineered by Sunmaster’s chemical company, this ceramic metal halide boasts 8% more blue and 18% more red spectral energy compared to major brands. These lamps Please note that, due to high demand, this item is […]

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Lighting Science: What are µmol (Micro-Mols)? and how are they measured?

What are µmol (Micro-Mols)? Micromole Facts:     Micromoles (µMol), simply defined as ‘number of photons’ are a unit of measurement used for horticultural lighting. Typically, µMol are used as a way to quantify light output (µMol of photons per second) and light intensity (µMol of photons per area per second, […]

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Check out the all new Full Nova 315W CMH grow lamp

Well, the wave of new products has begun – check out our new ceramic metal halide (CMH) full spectrum grow lamp: 315W Full Nova This is our first SUNMASTER ceramic lamp and we’re excited to be bringing out a lamp that will blow away the competition – just compare the […]

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All new SUNMASTER website

Here, in early 2017, Sunmaster grow lamps have a new look, new website, and new packaging. We’re launching a new website and the names of the family products are slightly different. Let’s be clear – it’s simple. Full Nova for a full spectrum grow lamp, Cool for that Cool Deluxe […]

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