Featured Product for April SUNMASTER’s New Double-End 1000W SUPER HO

SUNMASTER’s New Double-End 1000W SUPER HO

Featured Product for April 2018, as seen in April’s edition of “The Scoop” newsletter

NEW SUNMASTER Double-End 1000W SUPER HO tailored to promote early and more flowersAvailable this month, SUNMASTER is extremely excited about its launch of its new 1000W double-ended SUPER HO. Redesigned from the ground up, this high-output HPS lamp sports a unique arc tube filled with proprietary amalgam mix.

The DE SUPER HO proudly delivers the market’s most full spectrum within the HPS lamp family (an amazing 58 CRI vs. 25 to 45 for other lamps). While providing a broad spectrum, key areas of the red to far red output have been enhanced to trigger early and more flowering. Key product features include:

  • 1,900 µmol/sec (between 400nm and 700nm)
  • 2,200 µmol/sec (total output)
  • 1,100 µmol/sec Red to Far Red output (620-800nm)

Product is available through Sunmaster partner distributors. For more information, visit SunmasterGrowLamps.com/SUPER

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