Did you Know – April 2018 The Scoop – SUNMASTER is producing informational videos

Did you know that SUNMASTER is producing informational videos?

Did You Know? April 2018 – The Scoop newsletter

Sunmaster VideosGrab some popcorn and find your comfort spot! With the click of your mouse, you can now easily view useful videos about cutting-edge products and horticultural lighting.


Sunmaster is excited to announce its launch of a series of videos, providing useful tips, facts and background information on products and technology. Current videos posted on YouTube and SunmasterGrowLamps.com include:

  • Sunmaster company overview
  • 315W FULL NOVA WX introduction and facts
  • Empirical side-by-side testing on Sunmaster’s FULL NOVA and SUPER HO product families

Look to the months ahead as Sunmaster launches more technical videos related to lighting and plant growth. Subscribe at www.youtube.com/channel/UCglllpAlSmFp_sbnWsDY6ng
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