Did you know February 2018 Sunmaster is investing in LED fixture development

Did you know that Sunmaster is investing in LED fixture development?

SUNMASTER prototype LED fixture tests on vegetative growth

Sunmaster’s sister companies, based in southern India, are working hard to develop and produce LED fixtures specifically designed for plant growth. Development efforts are focusing on ‘great performance at an affordable cost’. While HID systems including HPS and Ceramic Metal Halide support the majority of today’s hydroponic lighting requirements, significant hurdles are recently being overcome to justify LED light sources for specific crops and growth phases. Sunmaster will be ready.

Key vertically-integrated operations include:

  • Driver development and manufacturing
  • LED assembly via pick-and-place and waveform soldering
  • Mechanical assembly and powder coating

Stay tuned for updates regarding SUNMASTER’s LED developments and offerings!


Did you know February 2018 Sunmaster investing LED fixture development

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