Featured Product 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceeds Expectations Controlled Testing

NEW 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceeds Expectations

The quote ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’ holds very true when explaining the performance of SUNMASTER’s new FULL NOVA WX. Driven by 18 months of development, scores of lamp chemistry iterations and thousands of hours of life testing, SUNMASTER is extremely confident in describing its new 315W FULL NOVA WX as ‘The benchmark in the industry’.

While photometry data for this lamp is impressive, Sunmaster recently went extra miles by comparing lamp performance side-by-side against the industry leading brands:
Controlled testing at Sunmaster Plant Science Labs
Within the first 3 weeks of flowering, Sunmaster’s FULL NOVA WX incredibly produced twice the number flowers when compared to leading industry brands.

Side-by-side testing with four independent cannabis growers

New 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceed Expectations Controlled TestingTesting side-by-side against the industry’s top brands, commercial grow operations in Michigan and Colorado are sold on the performance of the 315W FULL NOVA WX. One operation, in disbelief, re-conducted its comparison testing by swapping out lamp/plant locations only to find that SUNMASTER’s tailored spectrum significantly outperformed the competition once again.

As a product family, SUNMASTER’s FULL NOVA lamps are increasingly being used by professional growers and home hobbyists across North America. The 315W FULL NOVA WX boasts the following features/benefits:

  • Pure power: A whopping 2 µmol/J
  • Full spectrum: Balanced 92 out of 100 on color rendering index (very close to sunlight)
  • Tailored spectrum, weighted in blue, red and far-red, key areas for optimized growth and flowering

To learn more, visit SunmasterGrowLamps.com/FULL-NOVA

Full Nova wx 315W 3000K grow light

Featured Product 315W FULL NOVA WX Exceeds Expectations Controlled Testing

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