Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Finish Family

Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Finish Family


Sunmaster FINISH lamps are chemically enhanced to emit over 50% of their total visible radiation within the blue, violet and near-UV area of the spectrum. This lamp family is specifically designed to be used for the last few weeks of the growth cycle to enhance aromas and flavors.


Sunmaster consistently strives to lead the industry in lamp development by focusing on three core goals:
1. Assure highest total µmol/W (light output per energy consumed)
2. Optimize µmol output within key nutritional wavelengths (example – red, blue and far-red)

Sunmaster FINISH lamps
Sunmaster’s FINISH 1000W and 400W lamps

3. Back empirical (integrated sphere measurements) with side-by-side testing, internally within Sunmaster’s grow chambers and externally through industry partners.

Sunmaster’s FINISH family is comprised of 1000W and 400W lamps. For more information, visit www.sunmastergrowlamps.com/finish

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