Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Full Nova Family

Featured Product: Sunmaster’s Full Nova Family

 FULL NOVA can be generally described as ‘Broad spectrum lamps similar to natural sunlight. HPS light sources, historically dominant in the horticultural industry, are extremely deficient in the blue/violet end of the spectrum and have an inordinate amount of yellow/orange/red output. Conversely, Sunmaster’s FULL NOVA family is comprised of ceramic metal halide and quartz metal halide lamps, dosed with unique chemistries touting color renderings as high as 95. (Note – natural sunlight’s CRI is 100).

Core Goals

Sunmaster consistently strives to lead the industry in lamp development by focusing on three core goals:

  1. Assure highest total µmol/W (light output per energy consumed)
  2. Optimize µmol output within key nutritional wavelengths (example – red, blue and far-red)
  3. Back empirical (integrated sphere measurements) with side-by-side testing, internally within Sunmaster’s grow chambers and externally through industry partners

Sunmaster’s FULL NOVA Family is comprised of 1000W, 600W, 400W and 315W lamps.

For more information, visit www.sunmastergrowlamps.com/full-nova

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