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Did You Know? Sunmaster Relies On North America Support

Did you know that Sunmaster and parent company Venture Lighting are supported by many capacities in North America? Venture Lighting’s India operation, the world’s largest producer of metal halide lamps, manufactures the lion’s share of Sunmaster lamps. But locally, the company relies on numerous other valuable resources:

SUNMASTER The Scoop - Venture Lighting Supports North American SalesOhio: Two facilities around Cleveland employ key technical resources including design physicists, mechanical and electrical engineers and numerous support technicians. These locations also employ a wide variety of other capacities including sales, logistics, finance and marketing.

Illinois: Urbana is the home to APL Engineered Materials, a premier global supplier of high purity and ultra-dry metal halides, amalgams and metals used within discharge lamps.

Ontario: Sunmaster lamps are warehoused in Mississauga, also the home-base operations for Canada sales and customer support.

Nevada and British Columbia: Support Sunmaster warehousing operations

For more information, visit ‘About Sunmaster’ at SunmasterGrowLamps.com/about-sunmaster

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