Industry Buzz November 2017, The ‘States’ of Recreational Marijuana Growth

The ‘States’ of Recreational Marijuana Growth

Many experts believe that more than 15 states will have legalized cannabis by 2018. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada have all passed recreational weed laws as well as Washington, DC. But which states will be the next to allow some form of recreational use?

Next States

Many states are being enticed by the large tax revenues recognized from legal states. Opinions on ‘which state is next’ abound with more than twenty states identified by various sources and publications. Looking at key influencers (including who currently sits in office, amount and type of legislation on state ballots and the legalization of neighboring states), five states rise to the top of the ‘next’ list as follows:

Arizona – Five ballot initiatives have been introduced for 2018. A cannabis-related bill failed in 2016 by only 2%. Experts believe that Arizona will follow California and Oregon.
Florida – Four ballot initiatives have been introduced for 2018. It took 2 tries to get medicinal approval. Recreational approval is expected to follow suit.
Michigan – Tax revenue pouring into the state from medicinal use is expected to drive recreational legalization.
Missouri – Many initiatives are in process for both medicinal and recreational use although pushing for both may be counterproductive as it was in Ohio.
Nebraska – Currently medicinal and recreational measures are being considered. Through legalization, Nebraska would retain considerable tax revenues currently being lost to its neighbor Colorado.

Which states are the least likely to consider legislation for recreational use? We looked at states with current low marijuana usage, high penalties for illegal usage and proximity to recreational usage states. Top five on the ‘probable last to fall’ list are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho and Indiana.

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