Month: August 2017

Industry Buzz September 2017, Surviving ‘The Amazon’ Part 3: Shoppertainment

SURVIVING ‘THE AMAZON’: SHOPPERTAINMENT While Amazon leads the on-line world in perfecting e-commerce sales, it is physically not capable of providing the touch / feel / try experience as found in brick-and-mortar retail environments. Malls were built on the premise that people enjoy the convenience of one-stop-shopping that Amazon can […]

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Lighting Science: Artificial Light Sources; the Strengths and Weaknesses

Artificial Light Sources Artificial lighting began with the inefficient use of fire for light, followed by the advent of the candle which delivers a measly 12 lumens. In comparison, today’s discharge light sources are capable of producing over 150,000 lumens, with many HID and LED systems boasting efficacies of over […]

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Featured Product: 1000W Full Nova

SUNMASTER 1000W FULL NOVA While photometric data is a good indicator for lamp performance, real -life testing is the best method to obtain undisputed, quantifiable performance. Compared side-by-side to industry-leading HPS lamps within Sunmaster’s Plant Science Labs, results are extremely positive for the FULL NOVA family. Two varieties of tomatoes […]

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Did You Know? APL is the Chemistry Behind Tailored Spectrum – September 2017 The Scoop

September 2017 Did You Know? APL is the Chemistry Behind Tailored Spectrum – September 2017 The Scoop Did you know that APL Engineered Materials, Sunmaster’s sister company located in Urbana, IL, designs and produces the majority of the world’s chemicals used within ceramic and quartz metal halide lamps? APL’s team […]

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August 2017 issue of The Scoop from SUNMASTER

Here’s the latest news from SUNMASTER, the August issue of The Scoop: http://conta.cc/2uT7A6o Enjoy!

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