Month: July 2017

Lighting Science: How is Light Spectrum Measured?

August 2017 Lighting Science: How is Light Spectrum Measured? Lamps and fixtures are typically measured within an integrating sphere which breaks down the total amount of energy (photons), for each wavelength of light.   This sphere collects all the emitted radiation and sends it to a spectrometer. The spectrometer measures the […]

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Featured Product: 1000W Super HO

New! 1000 Watt SUPER HPS HO (High Output) Sunmaster is excited to launch its single-ended 1000W SUPER HO (Product #50594) Engineered to deliver the highest µ-mol (micro-mol) of any single-ended lamp on the market today, this lamp produces 20% more useable photons when compared side-by side with top industry brands. […]

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Did You Know? SUNMASTER is Growing – August 2017 The Scoop

August 2017 DID YOU KNOW? SUNMASTER IS GROWING . . . . LITERALLY! While measuring the spectral output of lamps and fixtures allows us to fairly accurately gauge the performance of lamps and lighting systems, nothing beats real life testing! In an effort to better understand the spectral and total […]

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Surviving the “Amazon” Part 2: Service the Hell Out of Them!

INDUSTRY BUZZ SURVIVING ‘THE AMAZON’: SERVICE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!   Amazon dominates online sales traffic, equaling all other e-commerce sites combined when measured across 11 retail categories. While retail stores still attract a significantly larger share of consumers’ purchases for many purchasing categories, there are some service-minded practices […]

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